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A.J. Brown revels in Deebo friendship before Eagles, 49ers meet

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Ahead of Sunday's epic showdown between the 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles, All-Pro wide receivers Deebo Samuel and A.J. Brown have engaged in a hilarious back-and-forth filled with playful banter between the two close friends.

While speaking to reporters on Thursday, Brown detailed his relationship with Samuel and shared his motivation for having a little extra fun with San Francisco's star wideout this week.

"It's all fun and games man, of course when the game starts I'm definitely going to be locked in," Brown told reporters in the Eagles locker room. "It's always a pleasure to play against one of my closest friends. He's a funny guy, you know. He loves the attention, as you can see. So I tried to give him a little bit."

Brown's tactics included a call for Eagles fans to troll Samuel on social media this week, with the Eagles star revealing that 49ers fans have made an effort to ensure he has been on the receiving end of it as well.

"Oh, they've been on him tough," Brown declared. "I know some of the San Fran people; they've been trying to give it back to me, so it's all good."

After the 49ers' crushing loss to Philadelphia in last season's NFC Championship Game, Samuel had a few noteworthy comments, including a shot at Eagles cornerback James Bradberry.

Brown explained that he doesn't think Samuel's comments were malicious but rather a reflection of his playful and boisterous personality.

"He's just -- He's hilarious, to be honest, man," Brown said. "Like I said, man, I don't think Deebo means any harm. I just think he -- that's just him, [he's] just having fun. I don't think it's a shot at Bradberry, like personally. He's just talking like he talks all the time. He's a big kid, put it that way."

With plenty of build-up over the last ten months, tension has been growing between San Francisco and Philadelphia ahead of this monumental matchup. However, Brown isn't concerned with the noise and instead is relishing the opportunity to partake in a clash between two of the NFL's elite teams.

"I'm expecting some really good football. A lot of emotions," Brown shared. "Opportunity to play the game at the highest level, good on good. That's what you play the game for; that's what you work hard for.

"Do your thing. At the end of the day, you got to play football. If you're a talker, talk. If you're a player, play. But at the end of the day, you have to put your cleats on and play, and that goes for them too. Me personally, I don't get too caught up in the talking because that don't do nothing."

The All-Pro wideout also shared he is grateful the game will be played in Philadelphia, as Brown clarified he is not a fan of the cross-country flight the Eagles would have taken had the game been in Santa Clara.

"It means everything, just to not travel across the world, go to California, [because] I don't like going to California," Brown revealed. "But seriously, playing at [Lincoln Financial Field] it's going to be electric again; [they're] going to show up and be loud. And I reiterate, I don't like going to California. That plane ride would have been crazy."

Sunday's game has massive implications at the top of the NFC playoff standings, with the winner gaining a firm advantage due to the head-to-head victory should the need for a tie-breaker arise.

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