Jared Goff: ‘It would be awesome, really cool' to play for 49ers


BERKELEY – After quarterback Jared Goff was paced through his 69-throw workout on Friday at Cal's pro day, the Cleveland Browns had a special request.

The team that figures to be in the market for a quarterback with the No. 2 overall pick wanted to see how Goff responded to adverse conditions.

While most of the workout took place on a cool day under cloud cover, the Browns had something else in mind. Pep Hamilton, the Browns’ associate head coach, doused the football with water and then instructed Goff to throw a couple of deep outs.

“I didn’t know it was coming,” Goff said. “I had a feeling somebody was going to pull me aside and do some work with me. . . It was good.

“That one was pretty wet. I think that’s as wet as it gets when they just pour water on it.”

Goff connected on 61 of his 69 pass attempts. He concluded the workout with a beautiful deep ball, but also threw some wobblers that were off-target.

The 49ers were well-represented at the pro day inside Memorial Stadium. Coach Chip Kelly, quarterbacks coach Ryan Day, wide receivers coach Bob Bicknell and running backs coach Tom Rathman were among the 49ers’ contingent.

The 49ers own the No. 7 overall pick and could be in the market for a quarterback. Kelly and Goff spoke briefly on Friday. Goff said he visited with the 49ers at the combine and has no additional meeting scheduled with the Novato native.

“I think it would be great,” Goff said about the possibility of playing for the 49ers. “It would be a really cool thing. Growing up a fan of them, it would be awesome. But at the same time, I’d be more than happy to play anywhere and go to a team and a coach that I want to win games with and be successful with.”

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The Browns appear to be about the only team in the market for a quarterback before the 49ers are scheduled to go on the clock. Goff and Carson Wentz of North Dakota State are expected to be the top two quarterbacks drafted

Goff’s hand size was a major topic at the NFL Scouting Combine when it measured at 9 inches. On Friday, his hand measured in at 9 1/8 inches

And with concern over Goff’s hand size, it only goes to reason that a team stationed in Cleveland would want to see how he handles throwing a slippery ball. A team, such as the Browns, that plays in harsh weather surely wants a quarterback that can keep a good grip in inclement weather.

“Growing up in California, I’m sure they wanted to see that,” Goff said. “It makes sense. But at the same time I’ve played in cold weather before. I wouldn’t be the first quarterback from California to play in cold weather. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have done pretty well. They’ve been able to do it.”

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