Greg Cosell breaks down Gabbert's costly interception vs Cowboys


Blaine Gabbert completed 16 of 23 passes for 196 yards, one touchdown and one interception against the Cowboys on Sunday.

"Gabbert threw the ball really, really well for awhile in this game," Greg Cosell said on KNBR 680 on Monday. "He made some of his best throws of the season. The throw he made to Celek for 29 yards ... that was an unbelievably throw. Big-time throw."

But the 49ers managed just three points after taking a 14-0 lead early in the second quarter.

"The problem is there's just too much inconsistency because the (Morris) Claiborne interception should have been a walk-in touchdown, and he threw it in exactly the wrong place," Cosell explained. "So that's what you're getting. He threw the ball better overall, but there's still too much inconsistency in his game.

"And when you're on a team where there's not a lot of margin for error just because you're not that good ... those kinds of plays really come back and hurt you."

The interception came early in the fourth quarter with the 49ers trailing 21-17. 

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Gabbert took full responsbility for the errant throw, and Chip Kelly also discussed the missed opportunity.

“Torrey did a nice job on the route,” the head coach said. “I think Blaine said it yesterday. He was behind him on the throw and he needs to put the ball out in front of him. He just missed the throw.”

The Cowboys ran 73 plays and recorded 26 first downs, while the 49ers registered 53 and 14 respectively.

Dallas had the ball for 36 minutes and 27 seconds compared to just 23 minutes and 33 seconds for San Francisco.

"They didn't play at a very fast tempo in this game ... they didn't run very many plays in this game," Cosell noted. "And some of that is their defense obviously not getting off the field because the Cowboys started to control the ball. But in this particular offense, if you're not playing at a fast tempo, then you only have a certain core number of plays that you're running because this offense is not built on a volumnious number of plays ... it's just based on doing things fast.

"And they're averaging only about 62 plays per game through four games and they're only getting 4.7 yards per play which is near the bottom of the NFL. So the offense is overall just not doing well enough."

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