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NBA admits refs missed two big calls in Kings-Magic double-OT thriller

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The double-overtime "dogfight" between the Kings and Orlando Magic on Wednesday night at Golden 1 Center was highlighted by plenty of controversy throughout the three-hour contest.

The NBA announced Thursday in its Last Two Minute Report that officials incorrectly overturned a strange out-of-bounds call that gave Orlando possession with 3.1 seconds left in the first overtime period, although fans didn't need a report to confirm what was clear as day in real-time.

Magic star forward Paolo Banchero quickly drove to the basket before losing control of the basketball that flew out of his hands and out of bounds. In what appeared to be an obvious turnover and Kings ball, officials overturned the ruling and said Kings forward Juan Toscano-Anderson was the last person to touch the ball.

As a result, Orlando re-gained possession and Banchero made a layup with one second remaining, ultimately forcing a second overtime.

"Banchero loses control of the ball on his gather without any contact occurring to him by a defender and it sails out of bounds. Banchero is last to touch the ball and possession should have been awarded to the Kings," the report states.

Kings fans could argue that had the correct call been made, a second overtime would've never been necessary. But that might not be entirely true.

Before officials incorrectly overturned the out-of-bounds call in the final seconds of the first overtime, they also wrongly called an offensive foul on Banchero during the Magic's previous possession. Banchero dribbled past Toscano-Anderson and drove to the basket as Malik Monk and Trey Lyles closed in on him, and he drew contact with Lyles, who fell to the floor before a whistle was blown.

Officials called the offensive foul on Banchero, which gave the Kings possession.

"After releasing the shot, Banchero's left hand comes down onto Lyles' body and marginal contact occurs after Lyles' legal contest," the report states.

Aside from all the chaos and controversy, Monk and Kings All-Star center Domantas Sabonis helped will the Kings to a huge victory at Golden 1 Center.

And after displaying the best showing of the season, Monk weighed in on the controversial calls.

"The refs can't make the right call every play," Monk said. "And we know that. We be nagging them a little too much. I be trying to tell the coaches to shut up. They're not going to give us anything if we keep talking to them."

Monk did less talking and more doing Wednesday night, and ultimately it helped pull out the double-overtime victory.

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