Kris has hilarious comment on playing against Keegan in NBA


Kings rookie forward Keegan Murray was teammates with his twin brother Kris at Iowa for two seasons. 

However, now Kris is ready to turn the relationship into a rivalry, eager to play against the Keegan, who has found success in his first season in the NBA. The current Iowa forward will enter the 2023 NBA Draft and will likely face Keegan sometime during the 2023-24 season. 

“It’d be fun to play against him, especially in the NBA,” Kris told NBC Sports California’s Kyle Draper, Kenny Thomas and Matt Barnes on “Kings Pregame Live” before Game 1 between Sacramento and the Golden State Warriors on Saturday. 

“I think just going at him, just trying to beat him in every single way possible, that can be that can be fun ... I’m gonna try dealing with everything that’s gonna be my cockiest game.” 

Kris wasn’t done taking playful jabs at Keegan ahead of the two possibly facing each other next season. Kris shared the last time the brothers went against each other, he came out on top. 

“We haven’t played 1-on-1 since early in our college career,” Kris continued. “And I beat him. He’s not going to tell you that, but we need to run it back.”

The odds of the two brothers facing each other next season are relatively high, considering The Athletic’s Sam Vecenie has the Iowa junior going at No. 20 to the Brooklyn Nets. 

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Whenever the Murray brothers play against each other, there’s no doubt one will be holding the bragging rights once the game ends.

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