Steph doesn't want Dray to lose ‘superpowers' after JP incident


Steph Curry knows the impact Draymond Green has on and off the court. 

Speaking with reporters following practice Thursday, Curry shared his thoughts on whether a generational gap between Green and Jordan Poole could have caused their Wednesday altercation.

"Everything is important, how we handle this situation is important," Curry said. "How Draymond responds to the space that he needs to come back with the right frame of mind on doing the work, coming with the right energy, marking it about the team, like all those things are important."

That said, even though Green finds himself at the center of another controversy, Curry feels his teammate shouldn't change when it comes to his outspoken nature.

"One of his superpowers is being able to bring his fire, competitiveness and his voice, and I don't want him to ever lose that," Curry said. "Whatever it takes to maintain that presence and trust and rebuild whatever he needs to, that's the journey we're going to be on."

Curry also added that the younger players have to "believe" in who the Warriors are and the culture that Curry, Andre Iguodala, Klay Thompson and other veterans have built over the years.

In doing so, it will help the team get through this bump in the road. 

"I think that's what we do really well," Curry concluded. 

To Curry's credit, it appears that the elder statesmen of the group are showing what Golden State's culture is all about. Green reportedly apologized to both Poole and the rest of the team for losing his composure during practice. 

Additionally, Curry and coach Steve Kerr made it a point to explain how Poole's demeanor has not changed despite the fact that he is due for a massive payday, either from the Warriors or another team. 

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Even though Green's actions might irritate fans, it's clear that his teammates still think very highly of him. 

Considering how he can be a pest on the court and a personable ally in the locker room, that has to be a superpower in and of itself. 

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