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Curry uses perfect anecdote to summarize Kerr as Warriors coach

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The Warriors have experienced plenty of success since Steve Kerr joined the organization, but the coach isn't one to place himself on a high pedestal.

Steph Curry, who has won four NBA championships with Kerr, described that selfless attitude perfectly on the latest "Dubs Talk" with a story from the 2017-18 NBA season, when Kerr already had won two rings with Golden State.

Curry told NBC Sports Bay Area's Zena Keita about the time Kerr let the Warriors coach themselves in a 123-89 victory over the Phoenix Suns on Feb. 18, 2018, using it as an example of his ability to manage both the person and the player.

"He never puts himself above or below anybody, but he has a fire that comes with him," Curry told Keita. "Even just his collaborative nature of his coaching staff and even us as players. ... Obviously, you have to be winning and you've got to be really confident to pull a move like [the Suns game]. But still, a lot of coaches would be [in] the 'look at me' mode when you're inheriting a team that was really good at first but you've helped elevate to a championship-type level, and he's not like that.

"He's not the one that's going to say he's the main cause for something, even though he's been extremely -- we all know -- extremely valuable to us and our success. So that game was just to be able to let the reigns go and say, 'Here you guys, coach,' and there's a culture that's developed around that too."

At a time when Kerr could have been flaunting his coaching abilities, with the Warriors on the verge of their fourth straight NBA playoff appearance in his first four seasons as coach, he used a regular-season game as a learning opportunity for his players not just on the court, but from a managing perspective on the sideline.

It clearly was a coaching tactic that worked, as Golden State went on to win its third NBA title in four seasons and establish a dynasty around Kerr, Curry and the rest of its championship core. And after taking home the Larry O'Brien Trophy in 2022, the Warriors certainly hope to return to the NBA Finals this season.

Kerr's unique coaching style, which has plenty to show for itself, will be vital along the way.

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