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Steph confidently states he's still in prime of Warriors career

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Enjoy Steph Curry’s prime while it’s still here.

In a sit-down interview with ESPN's Malika Andrews during NBA All-Star Weekend, the Warriors' superstar guard, 35, was asked if he believes he’s still in his prime. 

“I do,” Curry confidently told Andrews. “It definitely feels a little different after I finish every game, where you got to do a little bit more recovery, you got to do a little more preparation.” 

The four-time NBA champion, consistently, continues to deliver emphatic performances despite Golden State being in the midst of a rocky 2023-24 NBA Season, which has the Warriors one game over .500 and the Western Conference's 10th seed.

Through 50 games this season, Curry is averaging an impressive 28.0 points from the floor while adding 5.0 assists and 4.4 rebounds in 33.5 minutes, leading the Warriors in points and minutes per game.

And even though his pregame and postgame routines look different now than to what it did years ago, Curry continues to see himself as the same player who once catapulted himself into the NBA history books.

“There’s a little bit more that goes into it, but I know I can still reach that level of impact on the court that I’m used to, Curry added. “So yeah, definitely feel like I am [in my prime], even if you have to be a little delusional, telling yourself who you are. 

“Like I said, I work extremely hard, surrounded by people that are pouring into me, and I feel that energy is what keeps me going.”

How long it takes for Curry to pass his prime is a question many curious basketball minds would like an answer to — but that day might not come any time soon.

In the meantime, continue to soak in the greatness of one of Golden State’s icons.

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