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Steph, KD shared emotional moment at 3-point record celebration

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A familiar face crashed Steph Curry's celebratory night after breaking the all-time NBA 3-point record against the New York Knicks back in 2021.

Former Warriors teammate and NBA star Kevin Durant made a surprise appearance as Curry celebrated the special milestone with his teammates. And in the new "Stephen Curry: Underrated" documentary, which was released Thursday on Apple TV+, viewers finally got a closer look at the emotional reunion.

"Get the f--k out of here, bro. Sorry for my language, mama. I'm so sorry," Curry said as Durant walked into the room.

"I had to come over here and say what's up," Durant replied. "Love you, brother."

The two former teammates dapped each other up and hugged as Curry responded, "Love you too, dog," before humorously reminding Durant of something he'll never forget.

"Remember the time you thought I was a little white kid? I think about that s--t all the time," Curry said, as the two laughed.

Durant entered the league in 2007, two years before Curry was drafted by Golden State. And like many others, Durant didn't think the "baby-faced" Curry would become what he has while completely transforming the game of basketball.

Curry and Durant went from enemies in the playoffs to teammates from the 2016-17 season to the 2018-19 season, winning back-to-back titles together.

"Well, who knew this s--t 10 years ago? Now, you that guy," Durant said. "It's crazy. Embrace that s--t. Good luck brother, the rest of the way."

In 2020, Durant joined Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn with the Nets. And when Curry broke the record in December of 2021 at Madison Square Garden, Durant said he was leaving his house to grab food when he realized Curry was celebrating close by.

The two accomplished majestic things together in the Bay, and though no longer teammates, the superstars remain good friends.

"I love that dude, man," Curry said. "The most misunderstood dude in this freaking league right there."

With Durant back in the Western Conference with the Phoenix Suns, he will be seeing a lot more of Curry and the Warriors. Those future meetings, however, likely won't be as friendly while both teams fight for the West's crown.

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