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Steph reveals the best trash talk he has given, received

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With so many years of high-end basketball experience, Warriors star Steph Curry has dished out and received all sorts of trash talk.

Speaking to Jericka Duncan on a recent episode of "CBS Mornings," Curry was asked what the best piece of trash talk he ever said to an opponent on the court was, with the point guard describing a time when he literally called his own shots.

“I told a defender, ‘Just watch this,’ and I went and made like four straight threes in a row,” Curry said. “But I kind of called it ahead of time, so it’s not really trash talk. It’s just a little – respectable trash talk.”


What’s the best trash Steph Curry has doled out? The NBA star answers that — and other rapid fire questions. #stephcurry #nba

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Given Curry’s propensity for mind-blowing shots and his unreal ability to catch and shoot the ball, the boastful talk makes sense.

Later on, Duncan asked Curry about the best trash talk that he had been on the receiving end of, with the 10-time NBA All-Star recounting a savage chant his rival high school would say to him.

“That my dad paid the refs when I was in high school,” Curry explained. “That was the chant from the rival high school student section. It was, ‘Dad paid the refs, and Daddy can’t help you.' So, they were chanting that all game. That was like one of the first ones, so it still kind of stays with me.”

When Curry first began to make waves as a basketball player, he was known as the son of NBA player Dell Curry before establishing himself as an otherworldly talent while in college at Davidson, leading the team to its first Elite Eight appearance during the 2008 NCAA Tournament.

Curry appeared on the "CBS Mornings" show to promote his newest children’s book “I am Extraordinary,” which chronicles the story of a young girl named Zoe who feels self-conscious about her hearing aids but learns the power of being different and decides to go out for her school’s soccer team.

Now in his 15th season, Curry still is one of the elite shooters in the NBA, capable of laying waste to opposing defenses singlehandedly.

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