Spike Lee ‘thanks' Mark Jackson for Jeremy Lin


OAKLANDAll right, this Jeremy Lin situation is officiallyout of control.Warriors coach Mark Jackson said he received a text messageabout Lin from Spike Lee, film director and big-time New York Knicksfan.According to Jackson, Lee thanked Jackson for making Linavailable so that the Knicks could pick him up.I got a text message from Spike Lee this morning, Jacksonsaid after Warriors practice on Saturday. I had nothing to do with JeremyLin. I never saw him do a layup. So for the peoplestop asking me. He neverpracticed for us so leave me out of it.BRAZIL: Lin proving doubters wrong ... again
The Warriors waived Lin on the first day of training camp.In fact, on that day, the Warriors pulled Lin off the court to tell him thenews.Lin has had an incredible four-game run for the Knicks,after being waived by the Warriors and Houston. Lin had a career-high 38 pointsin the Knicks win over the Lakers on Friday night.NEWS: Lin drops 38 on Lakers
Im extremely, extremely happy for Jeremy Lin, Jacksonsaid. And I wish him nothing but the absolute best. In my two minutes ofspending time with him he was incredible.Jackson was asked whether Lee gave him grief about lettingLin go.No, Jackson said. (Lees) thanking me like I hadsomething to do with it. We made a player a free agent and it was nothing aboutbelieving or not believing in Jeremy Lin. Im happy for the guy. When a goodguys get a win, its great for everybody.

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