NBA Twitter explodes after Harden joins KD, Kyrie on Nets


A reported blockbuster trade sent former Houston Rockets star James Harden to the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday --  just one day after the eight-time All-Star said the Rockets weren’t “good enough” to compete for a championship.


Here’s the full breakdown of the trade: 

Yep -- it’s a lot of moving pieces. The deal impacts the entire NBA landscape at large, which includes both the Warriors and the Kings in the present and future.

And of course, the NBA Twitter world naturally had plenty to say about it.

Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell was a man of few words.

So was Kings sharpshooter Buddy Hield, who simply tweeted out an emoji

Larry Nance Jr. also thought it was an interesting situation

San Antonio Spurs’ Rudy Gay said now NBA as a league is “crazy right now.”

We hope CJ McCollum eventually will get plenty of sleep after hearing about the trade.

And when all else fails, an “Anchorman” quote surely does the trick:

… or “Inside Out,” compliments of Andre Drummond. Also, watch that movie -- it’s so good. 

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You know what the real, true reaction is? Yep -- the eyes emoji. 

The Warriors are scheduled to face the Nets, who also have former Warriors star Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, on Feb. 13 at Chase Center.

Make sure you grab the popcorn for that one. 

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