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Report: Wiggins, Poole extensions ‘didn't sit well' with Klay, Draymond

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More details have emerged about the murky ending between Klay Thompson and the Warriors.

Thompson reportedly grew particularly frustrated with Golden State's financial priorities after the Warriors’ 2022 NBA Finals victory, and at the time, he had an ally in irritation.

Thompson and longtime Warriors teammate Draymond Green reportedly were not thrilled about the team's decision to extend both guard Jordan Poole and forward Andrew Wiggins in the summer of '22, ESPN's Ramona Shelburne and Kendra Andrews reported in a feature story Wednesday.

“The Warriors prioritized extending [Jordan] Poole -- for four years and $140 million -- and young swingman Andrew Wiggins (four years, $109 million) over Thompson and Green the summer after they won a championship, which didn't sit well with either of the two veterans, sources said,” Shelburne and Andrews wrote.

It is easy to see why Thompson and Green -- two experienced players then eligible for extensions -- would feel slighted by the offerings for Poole and Wiggins, two younger players who had been with Golden State for just three seasons.

At that time, Thompson and Green just had helped the Warriors become NBA champions for the fourth time in eight seasons, as did Poole and Wiggins, of course. But should Golden State have prioritized the latter duo over its dynastic core?

Wiggins, a key asset and first-time NBA All-Star starter in 2022 has not been the same player since. Poole, despite having an abundance of upside, was traded for veteran guard Chris Paul last summer after his strenuous relationship with Green played a role in the Warriors' 2022-23 demise.

The two players did not live up to the value of their contracts, and the fact they received them at the time they did clearly did not sit well with Green and Thompson.

Green, however, still would receive his contract in 2023. Thompson wouldn’t -- didn’t -- and now is the newest member of the Dallas Mavericks. 

Even though Thompson truly did want a fresh start, especially after he and Golden State struggled mightily during the 2023-24 NBA season, today’s landscape might be different had the Warriors attempted to lock up their longtime wing sooner.

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