Kevin Durant ‘wasn't too fond of Steve Kerr,' Stephen A. Smith says


Star athletes and coaches don't always see eye-to-eye. Even when championships are won and records are broken, all isn't perfect 100 percent of the time. 

That could be the case with Warriors coach Steve Kerr and his former star forward Kevin Durant. 

"Kevin Durant did not have the greatest relationship with Steve Kerr," ESPN's Stephen A. Smith said Wednesday morning on "First Take." "He wasn't too fond of Steve Kerr, at all." 

Under Kerr, Durant won two championships and was twice named NBA Finals MVP. He was an All-Star and voted All-NBA all three years as a Warrior. In Kerr's offense, KD's scoring went slightly down, but his assists and field goal percentage rose. 

He became perhaps the best all-around basketball player on the planet. And yet, by the third and final season together, it was clear Durant wasn't always on the same page with Kerr. 

The two were at odds over how much Durant should shoot in the first round of the playoffs this season when Kerr -- who always emphasizes passing -- wanted KD to shoot more. They even seemed off on how much joy versus anger the team should play with. 

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Despite Kerr constantly referring to Durant as the best player in the NBA, there was clearly something off this past season. 

Now it's up to Nets coach Kenny Atkinson to be on the same page with his newest star once Durant returns from his ruptured Achilles. 

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