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Iguodala reveals truth about Warriors practice during KD era

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Andre Iguodala is an avid golfer, but basketball always comes first.

The Warriors veteran recently revealed, however, that it wasn't hard to juggle both sports when Kevin Durant came to the Bay, giving Iguodala some extra time to practice his swing even during the NBA season.

"When we were in our heyday, when we had KD and we knew we were going to win every game, practice was at 11," Iguodala explained in a recent episode of the "Par 3 Podcast." "Practice was only like 20 minutes. Practice was just, 'Alright, let's get on the same page. We're going to put in two new plays and we need to watch film.' Practice was nothing. I would get to the gym around 8:30, eat breakfast, then at 9, I'm lifting weights. At 10 I get on the court and do all my work. Shooting, conditioning, I do everything I need to do.

"Practice is at 11 and I already did my work. All I need to do is, 'Anything new? Alright, cool. Young fellas, you good? This is what you do today.' Be a good teammate. Lock in on my guys. 11:45, I was in the car. I was at the [golf] course by 12, 12:15."

Twenty minutes of walk-through surely is plenty of time for a team with multiple superstars.

Durant joined forces with Iguodala, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green in 2016, making three consecutive NBA Finals appearances together and winning two.

In the first year of the union, Golden State finished atop the Western Conference with a 67-15 record. They finished second the following season and then first again in the 2018-19 season.

The Warriors ruled the West -- and the rest of the league -- for a long time.

And while maybe their practices weren't as intense day in and day out, they proved their talent and success when it mattered most.

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