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Melvin claims ‘a little star power' will help Giants regain identity

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With MLB free agency officially underway Monday, the Giants embark on perhaps one of the biggest offseasons in franchise history.

Under new manager Bob Melvin, San Francisco will look to return to its winning ways in 2024 and in order to do so, will need to bolster an underwhelming roster this offseason.

Melvin joined NBC Sports Bay Area's Laura Britt for an exclusive interview premiering in Tuesday's upcoming "Giants Talk" podcast, where he was asked what improvements he would like to see the team make next season and in the future.

"It's easier said than done, but San Francisco likes their names," Melvin told Britt. "They like high-profile guys. You got back to the Buster Poseys and those teams and the Will Clarks, all the way back to Willie Mays. The really good teams always have had guys that the city has identified with. And no matter how the team's playing, [the fans] come out to watch these guys."

After attempting to sign star players like Bryce Harper, Aaron Judge and Carlos Correa in recent years, Melvin believes the Giants need to continue their pursuit of household names at the top of the free-agent market and return to a more traditional approach for lineup and roster construction.

"Last year, obviously trying to sign Aaron Judge and there were other guys they were trying to sign too that had that moniker," Melvin said. "It's easy to say bring in some of these high-profile free agents, kind of stabilize whether it's the middle of your lineup where you don't have to pinch-hit there and/or guys in the rotation or the bullpen.

"Now getting it done is a tougher task. So part of the objective in talking to Farhan [Zaidi] is bringing some guys we can work around a little bit that you know this guy is going to play this position, you're not going to hit for him, he's going to be in the lineup every day. It's more about when that particular guy needs an off day. A little star power would help."

Melvin has 20 years of managerial experience and is well-respected by players around the league. He expressed his desire to help recruit players in his introductory press conference on Oct. 25 at Oracle Park and is eager to help Zaidi and the front office in any way we can.

"I'll be involved as much as anybody wants me to," Melvin shared with Britt. "Different organizations handle it differently. In Oakland, we weren't going after the high-profile free agents, it wasn't in the cards there. In San Diego, there were some high-profile guys. Last year it was Xander Bogaerts that came in. I really wasn't part of that much in San Diego, so it just depends on the organization. If I'm asked to try and recruit, obviously I'm going to try and be all in on that. So we'll feel it out and see how it goes."

With a busy offseason ahead, Melvin and the Giants have their work cut out for them as the organization continues its search for the star power the roster has been devoid of for years.

If they are able to land a few significant pieces, Melvin and the Giants could be set up for a fun season at Third and King in 2024.

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