Raiders owner Mark Davis blasts A's front office over Coliseum issues


It's a safe bet that Raiders owner Mark Davis won't be inviting Dave Kaval and the rest of the A's front office to watch a game at his new Las Vegas stadium next year.

Based on the latest comments from Davis, it appears he is not a big fan of the people that run Oakland's last remaining sports team.

In a wide-ranging interview with The Athletic's Vincent Bonsignore, Davis admitted he's not paying any attention to the A's stadium situation and then proceeded to rip into the team's front office.

"No, not at all," Davis said. "Unfortunately, there’s a problem there. As far as the players and everybody, we love the A’s. We seriously do. But the front office has been real pricks. They’ve been really f****** around with us up there, taking advantage of the situation. Which, it is their right to do it, but it makes it hard. Again though, we love the players, we love the A’s."

With the Raiders headed to Sin City after the 2019 season, the A's have taken it upon themselves to make changes to the Coliseum that are better suited for baseball than football. Following the 2018 season, the A's announced they would be adding theater boxes, lounge seats, and terrace tables, among other things. Not exactly ideal for football, which requires more seats than baseball.

In recent news that isn't entirely related to the Raiders, the A's are trying to purchase Alameda County's share of the Coliseum site for $85 million. But the San Francisco Chronicle reported earlier this week that the city of Oakland wants Alameda County to sell the half share to them, not the team. The A's want to purchase part of the Coliseum site so they can make upgrades and plan to use revenue from those changes to help pay for a proposed stadium at the Howard Terminal site.

If the A's are unable to purchase part of the Coliseum site, well, that could be a big problem for them.

"They’re f****** totally dysfunctional," Davis said. "It’s that f****** bad over there."

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Oh to be a fly on the wall if Davis and Kaval bump into each other in the Coliseum this year.

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