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Nevada residents still vehemently oppose A's ballpark bill

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While a lot has changed regarding the Athletics’ push to relocate from Oakland to Las Vegas over the last couple of weeks, Nevada residents' thoughts on the stadium bill have remained the same.

In fact, their disapproval of Senate Bill 1 -- which if approved would provide up to $380 million in public funding for a new stadium on the Las Vegas Strip -- has become more apparent before Nevada legislators reconvene in a special session Monday.

A public opinion page on the legislature's website shows SB1 has garnered 519 positions as of Sunday, of which 86 percent of respondents said they do not support the bill. Meanwhile, 12 percent support it and the “neutral” option received three votes. 

Last month, SB1 (formerly known as SB509) received 2,370 public opinion positions, of which 78 percent opposed the bill and 20 percent supported it.

Nearly three weeks later, those opinions haven’t changed much.

The public doesn't actually vote on the bill, but citizens still are making sure their voices are heard.

The bill must first get approval in the Senate before moving on to a vote in the Assembly. And even if the bill passes, other MLB owners still would need to approve the relocation.

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On Wednesday, Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo called for a second special session to discuss the bill after it didn't pass during the regular legislative session that adjourned last Monday.

The 12-hour session concluded without a vote on SB1, and Nevada lawmakers will reconvene at 9 a.m. on Monday.

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