A's working to add cooling system at proposed Las Vegas ballpark 

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What is a feasible way to combat the intense summer heat in Las Vegas? For the Athletics, that answer might come in the form of state-of-the-art cooling systems under each seat at their proposed ballpark on the Las Vegas Strip.

During an exclusive interview with Venues Now, A's president Dave Kaval explained how the idea for the innovative cooling systems was inspired by Golden 1 Center in Sacramento

"There's a lot to be learned for how some of these other innovative venues operate and I would put Golden 1 Center in that camp," Kaval told Venues Now. "It's a nice way to cut your energy use and keep it cool. It would not be any more expensive than the traditional way, where you're cooling a lot of air where nobody is [situated]. The data we have from Golden 1 Center is extremely positive on how well that's going."

The A's proposed plans for a 33,000-seat ballpark on the site of the Tropicana Hotel is unlike any other MLB stadium, featuring plans for the world's largest glass curtain wall and the league's largest scoreboard.

Kaval explained that the A's hoped to avoid the monotony that has befallen MLB ballparks, with many sharing similar designs lacking eye-popping innovation.

"These ballpark designs need a bit of a shakeup," Kaval told Venues Now. "I've got a model of every MLB stadium in my office and a lot of them look the same. That's not to say they're bad, but we're trying to usher in a new era with something that's unique and reflective of Las Vegas. In Vegas, you've got to go big and these are the types of things that are going to make the building stand out in a very competitive landscape."

With the relocation to Las Vegas, the A's are following a similar path as the Raiders and Golden Knights, who both implemented an excess of premium-seating opportunities to cater toward the high-roller crowd that often graces Sin City.

Kaval explained that the market dictating high-end seating options serves as the primary motivator for the A's prioritizing premium seating in their proposed Las Vegas ballpark.

"It's going to be premium-heavy because we want to have that type of experience for the fans," Kaval told Venues Now. "The market dictates that; people are looking for those types of experiences. It's another reason for people to visit Vegas and go to the games."

While the completion of the A's new Las Vegas ballpark remains years down the road, a key step in the process is just around the corner, with the demolition of the Tropicana scheduled to begin on April 2.

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