Giants' Panik reveals he wasn't honest about concussion symptoms


Editor's note: The above video is from June 28.

The Giants officially placed Joe Panik on the 7-day concussion disabled list last Wednesday.

On Tuesday morning, he shed some light on his situation with 95.7 The Game's "Haberman and Middlekauff."

"So when I got hit, just going through it, you have your headaches and what not. Just kind of felt a little out of it at times. But for me, when you get hit in the head, that's normal. In just talking with the trainers, I told them that I'm fine. And I was going through the protocol -- the basic stuff, basic protocol. They're asking me 'How you feeling?' This and that. Asking me all these questions.

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"And at the time, my adrenaline is kind of pumping. I told them, 'Listen. I'm fine. I'm good.' I passed certain tests that I had to do. The next day I woke up, the headache was still there, certain things were still there. I just thought I was gonna pass. I was playing through certain things which I really shouldn't have.

"The entire time, I was having some concentration issues, especially with my vision. But I was able to get a few key hits here and there throughout the week. I was kind of just playing on it, figuring the cobwebs would kind of shake. It never went away. By the time we got back from Pittsburgh, the symptoms kind of got worse. The vision started getting worse, headaches started getting a little worse ... everything really started to set in...

"I kind of had to throw in the white flag. I was playing through some things -- just stupid on my end, but at the time, you think you're gonna be fine ... obviously it just got to the point where I had to say something."

Are these concussion tests dependent on the player being honest with the trainer?

"Yeah, there are certain things that you have to be honest with ... a lot of it has to do with being honest with them. For somebody like me, it was foolish. I should have been a little more honest."

Panik also said that there is no real timetable for his return, but made it clear that he is improving.

The 2015 All-Star was hit in the helmet by a pitch on June 18 in Tampa Bay, but started eight of the Giants' next nine games.

He was scratched on June 28.

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