Barry Zito has good reason for wearing Dodgers hat on ‘Masked Singer'


Former Giants and A's pitcher Barry Zito has a good reason for his "controversial" choice of headwear.

The "controversy" came in a wrap-up episode after his elimination from "The Masked Singer" last week. Zito, a 15-year Southern California resident, wore a Los Angeles Dodgers hat during "The Masked Singer: After The Mask" and he instantly got flack.

That didn't mean Zito forgot about winning two World Series rings with the Giants -- the Dodgers' biggest rivals -- or that he turned his back on orange and black. Zito told NBC Sports Bay Area he picked up the hat in a pinch.

“When I went to buy a hat, an 'SF' hat in all black, and they didn’t have it," Zito said. "So my second favorite city is LA, I’ll do that."

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And for the record: If A's fans are feeling slighted right now, they shouldn’t be.

“My favorite color ever is the black A’s hat, back in the day,” Zito said. “Black and green. That’s like the coolest hat ever, in baseball.

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