2020 MLB Draft: Giants could find future star with No. 13 overall pick


The Giants are facing a first next June. For the first time since the draft began in 1965, San Francisco owns the No. 13 pick in the 2020 MLB Draft.  

After finishing the 2019 MLB regular season 77-85, the Giants will pick between the Cincinnati Reds and Texas Rangers in the draft. 

This past June, the Giants selected outfielder Hunter Bishop out of Arizona State University with the No. 10 pick in the draft, a slot where they grabbed greats like pitchers Tim Lincecum and Madison Bumgarner. But next year, the franchise is entering uncharted territory. 

Though the No. 13 pick creeps outside of the top 10, there have been plenty of great players who have been taken there. Here are three the Giants can only hope their 2020 pick will come close to matching in production. 

Manny Ramirez, 3B 

The future 12-time All-Star was drafted by the Indians in 1991 as a high school third baseman from George Washington High School in New York, NY. While he never played the position in the pros, serving as a designated hitter and outfielder, Ramirez is one of the greatest right-handed hitters in MLB history.

Manny's 69.4 bWAR is the most ever for a player taken with the No. 13 overall pick. He made his major league debut at only 21 years old, two years after being drafted. Ramirez lasted eight seasons with Cleveland, where he had a .313 batting average, 236 homers and a .998 OPS. 

When Manny joined the Boston Red Sox before the 2001 season, he went from being a star to a superstar. Ramirez was an All-Star all eight years he played in Boston, and he hit .312 with 274 long balls and a .999 OPS. 

Over his 19-year career, Ramirez had a .312 batting average and launched 555 homers. Despite failing multiple PED tests and causing plenty of headaches, he was well worth the No. 13 pick in '91. 

Chris Sale, LHP

The Chicago White Sox took the lanky left-hander out of Florida Gulf Coast in 2010. He needed just 11 games in the minors before making big league debut that same year. Sale had a 1.93 ERA out of the bullpen 10 years ago, and he has been a star since. 

Before this season, where the 30-year-old battled injuries, he had made seven straight All-Star Games. Sale has led the league in strikeouts twice, and despite missing multiple starts this year, he still fanned 218 batters, clinching his seventh straight season with at least 200 strikeouts. 

The White Sox might win the Yoan Moncada-Sale trade in the long run if the lefty keeps battling injuries, but he has been one of baseball's best pitchers since the year he was drafted.

Trea Turner, SS

Turner, 26, continues to grow as a star for the Nationals. He's a power-speed threat with 38 homers and 78 stolen bases over the past two seasons. 

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The Giants drafted someone who can go yard or swipe a bag in Bishop this year, and they hope he can one day be feared at the plate and on the bases like Turner is. 

Turner made his MLB debut in Aug. 2015, one year after Washington took him out of North Carolina State University. He already is worth 12.8 bWAR and could be a blueprint for the Giants' pick if they want someone who can quickly climb the ladder in the minor leagues.

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