Why Wishnowsky got game ball despite no punts in 49ers' win


The 49ers weren't forced to punt a single time in their 33-22 win over the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on Sunday, and yet, punter Mitch Wishnowsky was awarded a game ball after the victory.

His wife should get one, too.

Wishnowsky was active for Sunday's game, but didn't arrive in Chicago until around 7 a.m. after his wife, Maddie, gave birth to their daughter Saturday night. 

"We were just messing with Mitch because he had a baby yesterday and we flew him out here to punt," coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters after the win. "At least he held, though."

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Indeed, Wishnowsky did contribute to the win as a holder on several kicks, but it'd be hard to blame him if his mind drifted elsewhere during the game. It couldn't have been easy to leave his family at such a special time, but surely, the victory made it a lot more enjoyable.

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