Warner in awe of Williams' ability to flip switch on game days


There's no secret that Trent Williams is in a tier of his own. 

The 49ers' All-Pro left tackle widely is considered to be the best at his position and one of the best overall players in the NFL. His teammate and fellow Pro Bowler, Fred Warner, joined the "Bussin' With the Boys" podcast during Super Bowl LVII media week, where he discussed Williams' preparation for games during the week and how he is able to flip a switch on game days. 

"It's so funny watching Trent throughout the week, he just hobbles around, he's in like, what, year 12 or something," Warner said. "Obviously takes Wednesdays off, out there Thursday, does his thing. And when he gets in the game, it's like he's going Super Saiyan Mode. I've never seen anything like it ever.

"The combination of like ballerina feet with this humungous upper body and slamming guys, whether it's before or after the whistle, it doesn't matter. He's just an insane freak athlete with the mindset of 'I can do this all day long.' I don't know, he's just a freak." 

Williams and the word "ballerina" in the same sentence creates a hilarious juxtaposition for one of the league's most feared players. 

Acquired by San Francisco in a trade with the now-Washington Commanders in April 2020, Williams quickly became a leader on and off the field for the 49ers. 

"Everybody respects the heck out of him," Warner added. "He's a captain every single year because guys respect the way he goes about his business and what comes out of his mouth when he does choose to say something to the team."

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After the 49ers' crushing loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship Game, Williams admitted that he has thought about his future outside of football after completing his 12th season in the league. 

Fortunately for the 49ers, Williams since has confirmed he will return for the 2023 season

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