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49ers QB Purdy thoughtfully pays for roommate's food at restaurants

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Brock Purdy recently stunned the NFL world in a way unrelated to his production on the football field. The 49ers starting quarterback revealed he lives with a roommate who he splits the bills with and still drives his faithful Toyota Sequoia SUV.

That roommate happens to be 49ers second-year offensive lineman Nick Zakelj.

In an interview with 49ers team reporter Lindsey Pallares, Purdy further opened up about his relationship with his teammate, roommate and friend.

"It's pretty chill," Purdy said. "For him and I, we got real close last year once we got here. During the offseason, we would just go see new places together. So then once [Purdy's fiancé] Jenna got out here, I just sort of knew where to go cause Nick and I have been to the beach and San Francisco and all these places. So we get along really well."

Purdy was selected with the final pick in the 2022 NFL Draft at No. 262, 75 selections after Zakelj was chosen by San Francisco out of Fordham University.

Since then, Purdy has gone from a third-string rookie to the starter of an undefeated 49ers team. The 23-year-old quarterback has yet to lose a game that he started and finished and has helped lead San Francisco to a 5-0 record in 2023, earning early NFL MVP recognition.

But to Purdy, none of his NFL success would be possible without those on the field with him, especially the offensive linemen blocking for and protecting him each week. And while Zakelj hasn't played a game this season, Purdy is forever grateful for his companion and tries to show it with a kind gesture on nights they enjoy a bite out together.

"Obviously, he plays offensive line so everywhere we go, I'm always trying to treat him and make sure I'm paying for his food," Purdy said. "But overall, we click really well and he's been great to have. [We] go home, we talk about football, talk about life, so we get along great. He's going to be in my wedding as well, so he's awesome."

OK, so teammate, roommate, friend and groomsman.

And just because they're NFL players, they aren't exempt from house chores. Purdy said they typically divide duties or take turns with the dishes or taking out the trash.

In Purdy's free time, he enjoys exploring beaches in the Bay and watching the sunsets ... with Jenna, he clarified. And after a long day of physically and mentally preparing for a big game as a franchise quarterback, Purdy looks forward to going home to relax with his friend.

"We're at the facility all day, working. Being able to go home and put on a movie together just hang out and talk," Purdy said. "Or [we] go outside, we got cornhole, a grill, so we just do things like that, almost as if we're still in college but obviously on another level cause we got a job and we're trying to produce. That's just the life we live."

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