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Why Bosa embraces 49ers leadership role with pregame speeches

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Nick Bosa always carries a calm demeanor, but that doesn't mean the 49ers' All-Pro edge rusher isn't motivating his teammates behind the scenes.

Bosa has earned NFL Defensive Player of the Year honors and a First-Team All-Pro nod in his professional career, while also boasting extensive playoff experience. The star edge rusher's five seasons in the league have included a lifetime's worth of postseason heartbreak, with the 49ers losing a Super Bowl and two NFC Championship Games since he was drafted No. 2 overall in the 2019 NFL Draft.

During a recent episode of the "You've Got Mail" podcast, Bosa revealed that he has channeled his playoff experience into wisdom he shares with his teammates before games.

"Once you've been through a lot in the league, you just have the wisdom, and you want to share it with guys because I've been close many times," Bosa shared. "And you feel like if you don't share what's on your mind, you're doing them a disservice. So [49ers coach] Kyle [Shanahan] threw me into that role a couple years ago, and I like it because it makes me think throughout the week of what I'm going to tell the team, and there's so many weeks in the season, it's hard to think of something new."

The 26-year-old detailed that the ebbs and flows of an NFL season make it challenging to craft an inspirational speech that universally applies to every game.

"Especially when you maybe play a huge game against a top opponent this week and then you have a down kind of week, but you need to be up for every single week to get to where we want to go," Bosa said. "So just finding different ways to bring the energy, and it's not like I'm rah-rah getting everybody hyped up, I'm just saying what's on my mind."

Bosa has eight sacks in his postseason career and will look to serve as the driving force for a star-studded 49ers defense that finished the 2023 regular season ranked in the top 10 in points and yards allowed.

With the NFC playoffs slated to run through Levi's Stadium after San Francisco secured home-field advantage, Bosa and the 49ers will attempt to channel their postseason experience into a memorable playoff run capped off by securing the Lombardi Trophy that has eluded them for 29 years.

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