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Shanahan grateful for York offering contract extension before season

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49ers coach Kyle Shanahan has helped oversee a complete turnaround for a storied franchise that lost its way prior to his arrival in 2017.

Shanahan's strong performance during his tenure was rewarded with a multiyear contract extension last week that ties him to the team through the 2027 NFL season.

In this week's edition of "49ers Game Plan," Greg Papa asked Shanahan what it meant to him to get a vote of confidence from ownership in the form of that extension.

"I mean, it's always great to get that," Shanahan told Papa. "I mean, we've got along great. We feel on the same page and everything, you know. Jed [York] approached me with that before the season started, it even proved it that much more. Something that you felt strong about. But, you know, going in with one more year left on the deal, it did get close to coming up, and for Jed to offer that, it was great. Especially doing it before the season. It just shows so much about him, how he is."

Shanahan then voiced his appreciation for York's effort to get an extension done before the season began.

"He felt good about it," Shanahan said. "I felt great about it. And for him to do that before the year started meant so much to me, just personally. I've seen so many owners so many people in this league. It's such a, 'Well, let's wait and see how perception is in a few weeks,' or how that stuff is. And Jed felt great about it, and so did I. John felt great about it and we all did it, and we're pumped to keep this going."

Since 2019, the 49ers are 45-24 in the regular season, tying them with the Baltimore Ravens for the fourth-most wins in the league over that span.

Their playoff success under Shanahan has also been particularly noteworthy, as their six playoff wins over that span are the second most in the league, trailing only the Kansas City Chiefs.

After defeating the Dallas Cowboys in last year's divisional round, Shanahan became the first coach in NFL history to win multiple playoff games in each of their first three trips to the postseason.

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