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Florio oddly claims Purdy's ‘weird' name not franchise QB-like

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When Mike Florio hears the name "Brock Purdy," he does not think of an NFL franchise quarterback.

Not because of his ability on the field, but rather one odd reason.

On a recent episode of "PFT Live," Florio was joined by NBC Sports' Peter King, where he explained why it's hard for him to view Purdy as a franchise QB.

"I think, when you think of a franchise quarterback, you think of [a name like] Joe Montana, Dan Marino," Florio said. "Brock Purdy is just kind of a weird name, it doesn't sound like a franchise quarterback name. Purdy's a little too close to 'Turdy.' I just think people have a hard time looking at that name and saying, 'That's a franchise quarterback.'"

King was stunned to hear Florio's reasoning. Of course, it's fair to assume that Florio's comments were made somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

"That easily is the most ridiculous point you've ever made ... that's absurd, that's one of the silliest things I've ever heard," King said to Florio.

Florio doubled down on his take and believes he's not alone in thinking Purdy's name is not that of a franchise quarterback.

"I guarantee you I'm not the only person that's like, 'Well that's not a quarterback name,' when he first landed on the radar screen last year," Florio added.

The 49ers hope that Purdy soon will be a household name and maybe one day a name forever remembered in franchise history.

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