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49ers' Brandon Aiyuk reveals his list of NFL's top wide receivers

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Brandon Aiyuk has established himself as one of the premier NFL wide receivers, but where exactly does he rank himself among the league's best at his position?

Aiyuk joined 49ers teammate Arik Armstead's "Third and Long" podcast, where he detailed how he views the current wide receiver position hierarchy.

While Aiyuk focused on praising other players, he made it clear that he belongs in the discussion among the NFL's best receivers.

"Me personally, I feel like I'm top five for sure," Aiyuk confidently proclaimed. "But I'm going to do five with myself out of the mix. I'm not going to say I'm [number] one right now, so I'm not going to get into where I'd put myself, but I'm in there for sure."

"My top five right now. No order, I'm just going to name guys I like, I'm not going to do five. Guys, I like … Of course, Davante [Adams]. He's one of the guys I came into the league watching the most. Cooper Kupp he's a guy I started to like a lot more. We play them twice a year. He's nice. They don't fully understand what he's doing. So, Davante, Cooper Kupp. [Stefon] Diggs, I like Diggs. He said a couple years ago, there's a few guys in the league who [are] really getting active. Who are really spicy. I took it as guys who, no matter what, like man coverage, bump, we're getting open regardless.

Aiyuk then detailed how he categorizes the elite NFL receivers while showing love to one of his 49ers teammates.

"I got a category for those, like those three guys right there, that's my category for getting spicy, getting active" Aiyuk explained. "And then you got the Deebo Samuel's. Ja'Marr Chase. Those guys, they get the ball and then get busy after they catch it. And then, I like Tee Higgins. I know there are some I'm forgetting for sure, for sure. But those are the guys when I'm talking about the receiver position, that come to mind first. Justin Jefferson [too]."

Aiyuk has been the most efficient big-play threat in the league this season, entering Week 12 averaging 19.3 yards per reception, the most among any player who has recorded at least 25 catches this season.

If the 49ers wide receiver continues at his current pace, he will finish the season with 1,477 receiving yards, a remarkably impressive feat when considering the San Francisco target share is divided amongst multiple All-Pro players.

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