Talib reveals what he planned to do with Crabtree's chain


Remember the brawl(s) between former Raiders wide receiver Michael Crabtree and former Denver Broncos defensive back Aqib Talib that resulted in a broken chain? Allow me to refresh your memory.

Back on New Year’s Day in 2017, Talib ripped off the chain on Crabtree’s neck during a Broncos’ 24-6 win over the Raiders in Week 17. The chain grabbing happened on multiple occasions. And even after Crabtree once taped his chain to himself, Talib still managed to snag it. 

Talib finally gave the details as to what exactly happened that day on the latest episode of “Call to the Booth,” and it turns out the beef began off the field. 

“I pulled it the first time, and it broke,” Talib said. “It broke right where my hand was, so I broke straight down through it. I had a nice little plan for it too, I was going to do some damage. It broke so I thought I had it in my hand, and I got over to the sideline and I look and I’m like ‘Damn, I don’t got it?’ Then on the replay, I kind of see it still hanging around his neck.”

Talib said the second time he snatched it he actually had the chain in his hand, but Crabtree was relentless and continued to block Talib so he dropped it.

The two ultimately would be suspended for these incidents. It turns out their beef stemmed from back in the day, where they knew one another from their hometowns in the Dallas, Texas area.  

Talib also said that the way Crabtree would talk was different. He was used to hearing the typical trash talk, but the way Crabtree would approach it was more intense.

“It wasn’t just football talk,” Talib explained. “It was a lot of calling you out your name talk, so that elevated it. It was a little more personal.”

And what exactly was the plan he had for taking Crabtree’s chain home with him?

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Well, Talib was going to put it on his pitbull and show it off on Instagram to see if he could garner a reaction.

“It was all in fun though,” Talib said. “At the end of the day, we work in entertainment.”

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