Reason Al Davis dropped iconic ‘Just win, baby' quote revealed


It's a phrase that is synonymous with the Raiders, three words that define one of the NFL's most historic franchises.

As we learned in ESPN's "Al Davis vs. the NFL" documentary last week, the first time the legendary Raiders owner used his famous "Just win, baby" slogan in the public eye came amid a tense moment.

ESPN's production team used a computer-generated version of Davis and NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle for the film, so some of the quotes from the above clip aren't verbatim. But the footage shows the tension between Davis and Rozelle was high after the Raiders blew Washington out in Super Bowl XVIII.

Davis coined the phrase because he felt slighted by Rozelle for first praising Washington instead of the Super Bowl-champion Raiders.

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Davis and the NFL had been embroiled in a lawsuit several years before regarding the organization's move to Los Angeles, which the Raiders ended up completing in 1982.

The vitriol between Davis and Rozelle was an underlying theme throughout the film, and clearly Davis thought carefully about his words after passing the Lombardi Trophy to Raiders coach Tom Flores.

Little did Davis know that phrase would become a motto for not just the organization, but Silver and Black fans worldwide for years to come.

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