NFL rumors: Antonio Brown ‘radio silent' with Raiders on feet injury


Antonio Brown hasn't been at Raiders training camp since he reportedly took off to see a foot specialist over the weekend.

Head coach Jon Gruden and quarterback Derek Carr have been left to answer the questions about his training camp absence and the reported issue of 'extreme frostbite' that is plaguing the receiver's feet.  On Thursday, Gruden told the media that Brown is "still gathering" information about his feet and that's why he's been a no-show in Napa.

But it turns out the Silver and Black might not actually know what's going on with the seven-time Pro Bowl selection, as the receiver has gone "radio silent" with the team regarding his injury and his whereabouts, according to WPXI Pittsburgh's Chase Williams. 

Now, let's start by saying this is the only report suggesting Brown and the Raiders aren't on the same page. So, take it with a grain of salt.

While Gruden certainly seemed frustrated Thursday by the receiver's continued absence, the coach, Carr and the rest of Brown's teammates have had nothing but good things to say about him since he arrived in Oakland. The team hasn't been saying anything about Brown's feet. Maybe that's because they have nothing to say. Maybe they are protecting him or themselves. We really don't know.

Would it be out of the realm of possibility for Brown to go do his own thing as he tries to figure out how to fix his ailing feet? No, but it also is way too early in his Raiders tenure for Brown to already be causing issues. 

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Time will tell how the marriage plays out, but the more time Brown misses with an ailment that appears to be of his own doing, the more whispers of discontent will continue to surface. 

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