Ranking five recent Giants opponents that fans love to hate the most


When baseball returns, it will do so without fans in the seats, robbing us of one of the best parts of the game. Sure, it's fun to cheer for your team, but it's even more fun to boo a player you rationally or irrationally despise. Every mention of the Dodgers at Oracle Park brings grumbles, but the really fun moments are the ones that catch you by surprise. 

A couple of years ago the Giants honored Barry Bonds with a bunch of videos on the scoreboard. Tom Brady, who went to the same high school, had recorded one congratulating Bonds for having his number retired by the Giants, but as it was shown at Oracle Park between innings, the booing of the Patriot was so loud that you couldn't even hear what Brady was saying.

That's a big part of what we miss about sports, so we came up with a list of players -- to make it easier, we limited this to the Oracle Park Era -- Giants fans love to hate:


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