NBA: Fox did not foul PG13 on final shot of Kings-Clippers


Paul George, in particular, was eager to read the NBA's Last Two Minute Report on Saturday afternoon. 

The Los Angeles Clippers star claimed that Kings guard De'Aaron Fox fouled him on his last-second shot in Sacramento's 128-127 win over Los Angeles on Friday night at Golden 1 Center. 

"Looking forward to seeing that L2M," George told reporters after the game. 

Unfortunately for George, the league did not agree.

00:01.7: "There is no clear and conclusive video evidence confirming that Fox (SAC) makes contact to George's (LAC) arm, affecting the jump shot attempt," the report states.

The report also states that the Clippers should have been called for an 8-second violation with 00:18.6 seconds remaining in the game and that Clippers point guard Russell Westbrook was incorrectly given free throws when fouled by Fox with 01:20:2 remaining in the game. 

01:20.2: "Fox (SAC) grabs Westbrook's (LAC) arm prior to his gather and the contact affects his SQBR. The contact should be deemed a non-shooting foul."

00:18.6: "LAC does not establish the ball in the frontcourt within 8 seconds."

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The league also confirmed two other incorrect calls. 

With 01:40 remaining in the game, Westbrook fouled Fox on his drive to the rim, which caused him to lose control of the ball. With 01:38:3 remaining, the Clippers should have been given possession of the ball after Fox touched it last before it went out of bounds.

01:40: "Westbrook (LAC) initiates contact to Fox's (SAC) wrist and causes him to lose control of the ball."

01:38.3: "Fox (SAC) is the last player to touch the ball before it goes out of bounds and LAC should have been given possession."

The ball literally and figuratively did not bounce the Clippers' way and the Kings escaped with their fifth straight win. 

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