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Draymond shades KAT for out-of-nowhere legacy quote

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Draymond Green doesn’t let much slide on or off the court.

He just had to respond after seeing an oddly timed Karl-Anthony Towns quote scroll through his Twitter timeline.

"I feel like when my time's up and I retire and I put the shoes up … I feel like there's going to be people who are going to say that I changed the game," Towns said to former teammate Patrick Beverley on the latest “Pat Bev Podcast.” "And I'm going to be very appreciative of that."

Green fired off a tweet 13 minutes after the graphic was posted.

Beverley’s podcast featuring Towns was released Wednesday, two days after 6-foot-11 center Nikola Jokić -- arguably the best player in the universe -- won his first NBA championship. Jokić boasts one of the most unique skill sets the game has ever seen with his size combined with elite passing skills and shooting prowess.

Towns, through eight NBA seasons, has won four playoff games. He’s an elite talent and one of the best big man shooters of all time, but he has plenty still to prove and accomplish before he’s widely recognized as a game-changer.

Green, an avid podcaster himself, seemed to enjoy a quote tweet referencing Towns' quote that read #UnplugTheseMicrophones.

These two players will have something to chat about when the Warriors take on the Minnesota Timberwolves next season.

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