Warriors' Klay Thompson scored 43 points vs. Knicks on four dribbles


One would assume that if an NBA player scored 43 points in a game, they would have dribbled the ball quite a bit.

Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson defies that logic.

In his 43-point performance Tuesday night against the Knicks, Thompson dribbled the ball four times.


This is becoming a thing with Thompson. Whenever he has a monster night, he tends to not dribble the ball much.

In his insane 60-point performance against the Pacers on Dec. 5, 2016, Thompson dribbled the ball only 11 times.

Earlier this season, Thompson made an NBA record 14 3-pointers against the Bulls and finished with 52 points. He dribbled the ball five times in that game.

Klay Thompson, the master of moving without the ball.

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