Steve Kerr ‘enjoying every second' of three kids living with him again


Warriors coach Steve Kerr returned to his home in San Diego when the NBA suspended its season due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the time off gave him and his family a chance to do something they don't often have opportunities to do.

Spend quality time with one another.

The life of an NBA coach is filled with travel and long nights, and it doesn't get any easier for Kerr and his wife, Margot, to see their three adult children (Nick, Madeleine and Matthew) who normally live on their own. All of the Kerr kids -- as well as their significant others -- moved back in under Steve and Margot's roof during the pandemic, and the Warriors coach is grateful to have everyone in the same house.

"[It's] been total chaos at our house and we're enjoying every second of it because we don't get this time," Kerr said on NBC Sports Bay Area's "Runnin' Plays" Podcast in April. " ... We're cooking every night, cooking these big family meals, watching a lot of movies and trying to take advantage of all of this time together because we usually don't get much time together at all."

Kerr sounded grateful for the newfound family time, but fully cognizant of the unfortunate worldwide circumstances behind it.

"Obviously, we're well aware how lucky we are to be healthy and safe and have the means to be able to take care of everybody and not have any needs," Kerr said. "We're keeping that in perspective and trying to enjoy each other's company."

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With the Warriors' season officially over, Kerr won't have to worry about basketball keeping him away from his family this Father's Day. That hasn't been a big worry previously, as the Warriors' loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals was the only time that Golden State played on the third Sunday in June since Kerr was hired.

But after some unexpected quality time with his family over the last few months, Kerr probably won't mind that this Sunday is uninterrupted.

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