Steph is most trolled NBA player on Twitter, study shows


No player in the NBA stirs up conversations on social media more than Steph Curry.

A study from claims to have determined the most trolled players on NBA Twitter by analyzing around 3,000 tweets from October 2020 to January 2021 directed at players, and Steph had the highest percentage of negative messages at 27.9 (h/t Alex Kennedy/Basketball News).

Curry ranks a few percentage points above fellow MVP point guard Russell Westbrook (24.6 percent negative), with Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid (22.3 percent) and longtime Warriors nemesis LeBron James (22.1 percent) rounding out the top four.

Ironically, Steph and LeBron received plenty of hate but also plenty of love in the tweets analyzed, as Curry got the highest total of positive messages directed at him on Twitter (1,325), and ended up with the second-highest percentage of positive mentions (47.5 percent), with James coming in third on that list (46.7 percent).

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love earned the highest percentage of positive tweets (53.3 percent).

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On the other end of the spectrum, Curry's fellow Splash Brother Klay Thompson had just 14.6 percent of tweets directed at him feature a negative tone, among the lowest of any player tracked in the study.

This isn't a huge surprise, as the outpouring of support for Klay in the wake of his Achilles injury from fans and those within the NBA was immense.

NBA Twitter can be a cruel place, and apparently Curry remains a dominant talking point, with tons of love and some hate thrown his way, even a few years removed from the dominant dynasty he cultivated alongside Thompson, Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala and Kevin Durant in the Bay Area.

It likely hasn't helped Curry's cause that he is playing some of the best basketball of his NBA career in his 12th season, thrusting himself into the MVP conversation in spite of the Warriors' near-.500 record.

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