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Steph recalls ‘amazing' experience filming viral rap video

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Steph Curry is living in the moment.

The Warriors star took the world by storm when he appeared in the music video for "Lil Fish, Big Pond" last week, joining rapper Tobe Nwigwe for the theme song to his new "Underrated" documentary.

Appearing on the "In Proximity" podcast Sunday, Curry shared with the film's producers Erick Peyton, Ryan Coogler and director Pete Nicks how the experience demonstrated his outlook on life.

"That's how I'm living my [life] -- a year ago, [if] you told me, 'You're going to be in a music video that's done by an artist that you love, that is the theme song for a documentary that is coming out about a very formative point' -- like, you told me that a year ago or two years ago, what are you talking about?" Curry said of filming the music video.

Many thought it was Curry rapping in the video, but the point guard simply was the featured guest in Nwigwe's song. The rapper performs lyrics from Curry's perspective as the NBA star lip-syncs along. Curry soaked in every moment on the set of his first music video, he said, and it was the final step in bringing the "Underrated" documentary to life.

"... I had to make sure I came in with the gratitude and appreciation of, 'This is amazing. This isn't something that's just filling two hours. This is absolutely amazing. I'm going to have fun while doing it.' "

Curry's conversation with his fellow creative minds behind the movie ranged from how the film came together to dealing with loss. The four-time NBA champion has experienced plenty of lows throughout his 14-season career, and he explained his mindset in the face of such difficulties to Coogler, Peyton and Nicks.

"Whatever the context of the situation, whatever the loss is, whatever the season of life you find yourself in, I think acknowledging it first and embracing whatever the emotions [are] that come with it -- we're all human beings," Curry said. "... You have to find what that moment is teaching you. I think it's a hard, hard thing to do, but it's so important to allow yourself the space to let those emotions flood through and see what that lesson is that needs to be learned, what patience might come through it. ...

"But I think the process for me has always been the secret sauce of just being able to make sure I enjoy whatever I'm doing or whoever I'm around, and that will help me kind of accept the results or the realities that you find yourself in, because some of that stuff's so controllable."

Perspective is everything. Curry learning to surround himself with positivity and find joy in the little things certainly has helped him find success throughout the years, despite some early setbacks and plenty of doubters along the way.

And his joy in partaking in his latest music video appearance is apparent on the screen -- just like his palpable happiness on the court.

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