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Steph, Ayesha Curry announce birth of fourth child: ‘Sweet baby boy'

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The Curry family just got a little bit bigger.

Warriors superstar point guard Steph Curry and his wife Ayesha announced the birth of their son, Caius Chai, in an Instagram post on Sunday.

Caius Chai was born on May 11 and is Steph and Ayesha's fourth child, joining Riley, Ryan and Canon in Bay Area basketball's first family.

Canon already has become a beloved figure in the world of Warriors hoops -- particularly after a viral moment with Klay Thompson -- and now gets to share the spotlight with his baby brother going forward.

Last time Steph and Ayesha welcomed a son into the world, Golden State made an appearance in the NBA Finals the following season. Could Caius Chai's arrival usher in another deep playoff run for the Warriors next season? Only time will tell.

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