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What excites Steph Curry most about Warriors' Chris Paul addition

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Chris Paul's Warriors union is becoming less and less strange for NBA fans after actually seeing the 19-year veteran in a Golden State jersey during the 2023 preseason.

But one question that has loomed since the blockbuster trade happened three months ago still remains: How will the future Hall of Fame point guard fit with his new team?

Warriors superstar Steph Curry sat down with NBC Sports Bay Area's Zena Keita on the latest "Dubs Talk" podcast episode and explained how he envisions things will work out with Paul now in the mix.

"The bigger picture is he's a guy that's made people around him better," Curry said. "Every place he's been, since New Orleans to [Los Angeles], Houston, [Oklahoma City], to Phoenix and then thinking about every team he's elevated. So we start there and we come up with confidence that he can do that here.

"He's such a high-IQ guy and understands the game so well. The name itself and our history -- it adds a little flare and a little bit of juice to the narrative. But every year, you're trying to figure out how the pieces fit, what rotations look like, what people are going to be asked to do to help us win. So that's nothing new in terms of a training camp process and us coming together."

The Warriors have an interesting history with Paul and their fiery run-ins in the past. Both parties, however, are focused on the present and doing whatever it takes to win.

The Warriors restoring their connectivity was one of the biggest priorities this offseason after the 2022-23 campaign was plagued with team chemistry issues. So far, they're off to a good start on that end.

"Over the summer, it's been great because we've all gotten together, played pick up a couple times, do some fun stuff off the court so we can kind of build that chemistry and hopefully that momentum carries into training camp," Curry said. "But it's going be fun to put all the lineups together and try to test stuff out, see what works, see what doesn't and it's all about winning."

There still is a lot to be sorted out once the season officially begins Oct. 24. But there's no doubt in Curry's mind the 12-time All-Star's veteran presence will only help achieve the Warriors' goals in 2023-24.

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