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Steph admits to annoying family by watching his golf highlights

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Warriors superstar Steph Curry is a master at producing NBA highlights that fans watch over and over again.

But Curry also has the ability to create highlights -- on the golf course -- that he can't stop watching himself.

While talking to reporters at the American Century Championship at Edgewood Tahoe Resort in Stateline, Nev. on Thursday, Curry was asked about a shot he hit in the opening round at last year's tournament, a 97-yard eagle on the 13th hole.

As you might expect, Curry has watched the highlight of that shot more than a few times, which has gotten on the nerves of his friends and family.

"It's 1B to my only hole-in-one," Curry told reporters when asked if the eagle was the greatest shot he has ever made. "It's 1B because it was in the tournament, it was out here, I love this place and the reaction I got from the crowd. I watched it probably 40 times that day. (Laughter) and I probably watched it that many times since. The people that -- all my guys, my dad, brother, everybody who is staying at the condo with us, they're probably sick of hearing the highlight, the volume and the commentary just because of how many times I watched it. But again, it's an out-of-body experience on that one."

Curry takes the American Century Championship very seriously and his goal is to win the tournament, something he hasn't been able to do yet. And he was reminded of that fact before he teed off Friday.

The good news for Curry's quest is that he is in sole possession of the lead after the first round, finishing with a total of 27 points in the modified-Stableford scoring format. Former Sharks captain Joe Pavelski is in second place with 23 points.

If Curry manages to win the event, which will air on NBC Bay Area, Golf Channel and Peacock this weekend, his friends and family won't hear the end of it.

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