Steph almost makes wild accidental trick shot vs. Grizzlies


Steph Curry practices unusual trick shots, but in his wildest dreams, there's no way he could have envisioned the half-court shot he almost made in the Warriors' game against the Memphis Grizzlies on Saturday night.

At the end of the first quarter at FedExForum, Curry heaved up a shot to beat the buzzer and it sailed over everything, hitting the space between the top of the backboard and the bottom of the shot clock.

But the ball bounced back down, dancing on the rim before falling out.

Because of where the ball hit above the backboard, it's likely the shot wouldn't have counted even if it had gone in, but it still was pretty wild to see.

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Knowing Curry, he might add this trick shot to his pregame routine and attempt to make it at some point, just for fun. 

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