Report: Steph, Under Armour nearing lucrative $1B lifetime deal


With four rings on his fingers, Steph Curry could be on the verge of entering his 14th NBA season with a big bag. 

Bag with a capital B, though, since the Warriors superstar reportedly is closing in on a lucrative $1 billion lifetime contract with Under Armour, Curry revealed in an interview with Rolling Stone

Curry’s current $215 million deal with Under Armour runs through 2024, and it might extend for much longer. 

Similar to Nike with Michael Jordan, the booming contract reportedly will also include Curry receiving his own subsidiary brand. 

Curry joined the UA team back in 2013 after Nike lost the four-time NBA champion for a number of reasons. He signed with Under Armour for close to $4 million per year.

Since then, that number has skyrocketed to around $20 million annually and continues to shoot for the stars. 

This lifetime contract comes years after Curry threatened to leave the brand due to some friction between the 2022 NBA Finals MVP and Under Armour founder Kevin Plank. 

“There wasn’t quite an understanding of what it took to run a business like that properly,” Curry told Rolling Stone of Under Armour’s commitment to his shoes at the time. “So, yeah, I got mad.”

Curry and Plank have also bumped heads over things not even related to shoes or clothes, but rather politics when the founder showed his public support of former President Donald Trump. 

At one point in 2018, Curry says he made it clear to the Plank that he was thinking about leaving Under Armour for the competition. 

But eventually, Plank and the eight-time All-Star were able to come to a resolution when Under Armour agreed to separate the Curry Brand.  

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"I don't have to raise my voice to get mad," Curry said. "That's the best part about it."

The reported deal makes it apparent that things are more than OK now, on both sides. 

And fresh off winning his fourth NBA championship in eight years and his first NBA Finals MVP, the W’s just keep on pouring in for Curry, who’s managed to flip his W’s to M’s. 

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