Report: Dubs expect in-person interviews with top draft prospects


The NBA reportedly got all 30 general managers on a conference call Friday.

And it's very, very safe to assume that Warriors GM Bob Myers is ecstatic at a certain piece of information that was relayed by the league office.

On many occasions over the last several months, Myers publicly stated his hope that the NBA would give teams clearance to sit down face-to-face with NBA draft prospects.

"I value body language, eye contact and those type of things," Myers said in early June. "Even seeing a guy move within your own gym -- you want to see them. Even if it's 1-on-0. There's value in that.

"And additionally, you're not just hiring someone -- you're guaranteeing them tens of millions of dollars for some of these top picks. The comfort level diminishes the less exposure and interaction you have."

While the league still could allow Golden State's front office to host players at Chase Center, it sounds like these in-person conversations will be conducted at centralized locations.

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Since April, the Warriors -- who own the rights to the No. 2 overall pick, plus second-rounders at No. 48 and No. 51 -- have interviewed around 100 draft-eligible players via virtual technology.

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