Myers says Klay's return ‘more likely' to come in December


Klay Thompson recently hit a "big milestone" in his recovery from a torn Achilles, as he was able to get some shots up at Chase Center. Elated to be back on the court, he expressed excitement about next season, while also acknowledging that he still has a long way to go in his rehab.

When Thompson does return from a two-season absence and plays in his first game at Chase Center, the inevitable standing ovation is liable to blow the roof off. He has been missed by the team and fan base alike, and the celebration will be well deserved.

And from the sounds of it, there's plenty of time to plan it. Warriors general manager Bob Myers was asked about Thompson's progress Tuesday on NBC Sports Bay Area's "Warriors Draft Lottery Review" show and explained why there currently isn't a definitive timeline.

"I think we'll have a better sense when training camp comes around," Myers said, "and there's a difference between if he's playing 5-on-5, which we think he will be by then, and then playing in an NBA game. And that's when we're going to have to figure out when the right time for that is. I think we've said on record, I don't think it'll be the first game of the season in October. Will it be Thanksgiving? Will it be Christmas? I think it's more likely December, but I don't know when. 

"It's hard to gauge. It depends on how he meets all these hurdles of his rehab. But I do know this: the guy is in there every day, he's working his rear end off and he's thirsty. He's thirsty to get back on the court. He loves basketball. No doubt how much he can help us."

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While the Warriors can't wait for Thompson's return, they know that won't be the last step in the process. Though they'd love to have him in tow for as much of the season as possible, they're more focused on making sure he'll be ready at the end of it.

"If he comes back in December or November or January -- whenever it is -- the key will be having him ready come playoff time, or as ready as he can be," Myers continued. "And then you've got something. So we'd love him to come back as soon as he can, the West is a monster -- it seems like the league has never had more parity -- but we won't rush him back. So, when he's back, he's back, and can't wait to see it."

Thompson, the Warriors and their fans have waited a long time to see him play in another NBA game. And whenever that wait finally does come to an end, it's going to be a party.

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