Draymond calls wild final shot vs. Spurs ‘smartest dumb play'


It was the "smartest dumb play in history." At least, that's what Draymond Green called it. 

With 8.7 seconds left in the Monday's game against the San Antonio Spurs and the Warriors trailing by three, Green chucked up a long 3-point shot as Derrick White extended his arm toward Green. Green thought he was about to get fouled. But he didn't.

Green's initial reaction on how it all played out: "Damn."

"I know most people will see that and put two and two together and see what was going on there," Green said. "Very smart play that ended up being dumb as hell."

Though it's not the sole reason the Warriors lost, it sealed their fate in their 105-100 loss to the Spurs at AT&T Center.

It's not often the Green makes a dumb move. Just a few days ago, coach Steve Kerr was praising him for being one of the smartest players in the game. But we all have our moments.

Kerr knew the Spurs weren't going to foul when they led by two with about eight seconds left in the game. Greg Popovich doesn't like to foul in those situations. 

But that message wasn't relayed by Kerr to his players.  

"It's probably my fault for not informing the team that the Spurs don't usually foul," Kerr said. "We knew we had 8.7 seconds to drive and kick -- plenty of options with that kind of time -- and so we were just trying to spread the floor and get a good look."

When the Warriors inbounded the ball with 8.7 seconds on the clock, everyone knew who they wanted to get the ball to -- to the two-time NBA MVP who currently shooting 42.5 percent from 3-point range. But instead, it went to Green, who's shooting 18.9 percent from distance.

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Green had good intentions on that last play when he launched the ball from 40 feet out. As he said, he had the right idea going. It just backfired. 

"If it works, it's amazing," Steph Curry said. "He gets to the line, maybe ties the game with three free throws, or at least make sure you get the foul and get to the line to extend the game. But it just didn't work out that way. So, move on."

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