Can Steph get Allen's record vs. Blazers? ‘Anything is possible'


Steph Curry can see the finish line as he approaches Ray Allen's all-time record for most 3-pointers in NBA history.

With seven more 3-pointers in the Warriors' 126-95 win over the Orlando Magic on Monday night at Chase Center, Curry has 2,958 for his career, and he needs 15 more to tie Allen and 16 more to surpass the 2,973 3-pointers hit by the Hall of Famer.

Curry likely needs a minimum of two games to hit 16 points, but what are the chances he activates Flamethrower Mode against the Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday night and gets the record at home before the Warriors head out on a long road trip?

"Anything is possible," Curry told reporters after the win over the Magic. "What is it? 15? That's funny because I know what that means if [I do it.] Klay's record and all that too. We will see."

Curry would melt the internet Wednesday if he breaks Allen's record by also breaking Klay Thompson's single-game record of 14 3-pointers.

Curry is averaging 13.2 3-point attempts per game through 23 games this season, so he would need to bomb away from 3-point range against the Blazers to have a chance. The most he has attempted this season is 20 against the Memphis Grizzlies on Oct. 28.

In the Warriors' 118-103 win over the Blazers on Nov. 26, Curry went 6-of-15 from 3-point range.

It probably helps Curry that the Blazers entered Monday's action with the worst defensive rating in the NBA (114.0 per Basketball Reference).

That doesn't necessarily mean Curry will all of a sudden jack up 25 3-point attempts to gun for the record.

"If you've seen the way I've played, especially recently, I'm not shy about shooting the ball, so the game will dictate what that looks like," Curry said. "I'm not coming out with that as a true goal of how I'll play, but crazier things have happened."

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Curry has been around the NBA his entire life, and he has great admiration for Allen, who he is about to pass, and Reggie Miller, who he passed last season for second-place all-time. Once Curry passes Allen, he will put the record out of reach for a long, long time.

"Obviously know I'm closing in, but try not to let it creep in to how you play," Curry said. "Just enjoy the journey to get there because it does mean a lot to me as I do get closer."

Whenever Curry breaks Allen's record, it will be an emotional moment for him. He has looked up to Allen and Miller his entire life, so breaking the records they once held means a lot to him.

No one has ever made 15, let alone 16, 3-pointers in an NBA game, but at this point, everyone has learned never to doubt Curry.

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