Tim Lincecum at Bruce Bochy's last Giants game '70-30,' Jeremy Affeldt says


Those whispering about the festivities at Bruce Bochy's final game as a Giants' skipper on Sunday believe some surprises might be in store.

A guest appearance by a fan favorite perhaps?

Saying Tim Lincecum is beloved by the Orange and Black faithful is an understatement, but he was a prominent component of the three World Series runs.

We are not sure if this appearance by the two-time Cy Young Award winner will actually come to fruition, but his former teammate Jeremy Affeldt hopes he's there.

“All I know is I’ve reached out to him, and we’ve had a good conversation and I’m hoping he’s there,” Affeldt said on KNBR Friday. “I don’t know if he will be but it seemed like a positive scenario. I hope we see him man because I miss that guy and it’d be good to catch up with him. It would be awesome if he showed up. I’m gonna give him 70-30 (percent chance he shows up) on that."

Affeldt added he was "giving himself an out" with that number 30, but he's rather confident The Freak will show up to bid farewell to his beloved Bochy. 

Lincecum had been rather M.I.A. since his last major-league outing until recently when he popped up at a Perfect Game All-American Classic dinner in San Diego sporting frosted tips

Lincecum appeared in good spirits, however, which ultimately is all we can ask for.

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Sunday will mark Bochy's final game as manager and the end of the 2019 regular season as the Giants host the Dodgers.

And you never know you will see ... 

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