Pham issued warning to Joc after fantasy football trash talk


Apparently, nobody takes fantasy football as seriously as Tommy Pham. 

The former Cincinnati Reds outfielder famously slapped Giants outfielder Joc Pederson last season before a May 27 game between the two teams at Great American Ball Park. The incident stemmed from a dispute over a fantasy football league the two players were in and the story immediately took on a life of its own. 

Pederson was accused of stashing players on his roster and even went so far as to troll Pham with a series of GIFs in the league's group chat. Even Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout received blowback as the commissioner of the league. The incident was so serious, in fact, that Pham was suspended three games for slapping Pederson. 

Pham joined "Foul Territory TV" on Thursday, where he further explained his side of the story and revealed the warning he issued to Pederson a year before actually slapping him. 

"Let me just say this. I've never said 'Hi' or 'What's up?' to Joc on the baseball field," Pham said. "We're not friends like that, we're not cool like that. So when we joined this football league together, there was a lot of s--t talking. 

"There was a lot of s--t talking in the group chat from Joc to me to my team at the time and I was like I've never said what's up to this man, I don't know what makes him think it's cool to take shots at me and my team. I forewarned him, I was like 'Joc, I'm not cool with you like this' and he kept taking subtle shots, so I was like 'you know next time I see you, I'm going to pimp slap the s--t out of you.' And it just so happened to be a year later."

Well, alrighty then. 

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The court of public opinion, for the most part, sided with Pederson after the incident and rightfully so. 

Pham signed a one-year, $6 million contract with the New York Mets this offseason and will face off against Pederson and the Giants six times this season, with the first matchup scheduled for April 20 at Oracle Park. 

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